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Our Travel Planning Services

It's simple - we plan trips for travelers who want to have the best experience possible

MyTravelOp is a full-service travel agency and can plan any trip you want to take – cruise, tour, vacation package (air, hotel and/or car), excursions while you’re on a trip, etc. We can even start from scratch and create a custom trip for you.


Our services include:

  • Working with you to understand your travel desires and exactly what it is you would like to do on your next trip – we ask questions, we provide suggestions

  • Based on your desires, we research the travel world and come up with a plan of options for you to consider – we deal with a number of travel suppliers all around the world. We can find a travel supplier that’s probably a pretty good fit for you.

  • After we (with you giving the final approval naturally) determine an itinerary, we’ll book the major components for you. We’ll determine which ones should be booked at the present time and which ones should wait until later.

  • After everything is booked, we’re there for you as your travel advisor – pre-departure, during the trip and after you return home. We’ll help you get ready to depart on your trip and we’re available when you’ve got questions.


Now, doesn’t it sound easier to let us do the heavy lifting than for you to do all the legwork yourself? Would you take your car to a knowledgeable mechanic to fix a problem or would you do it yourself? We’re the experts. Let us be your travel advisor.


Our fees:

  • There is no fee to you, when you book something major like a cruise (ocean or river), a tour (group or individual) or a package where we earn a commission from the travel supplier.

  • There is a fee to you when we develop a custom trip for you. Normally, this happens when you want to travel on your own and you want to do your own thing or just something really different. Our fee is negotiable based on our initial discussion and we determine what it is you want to do and for the most part – how much effort it will take for us to put together.

  • Note: we do have an upfront, non-refundable “plan to go” fee ($199) that will get us started on the trip planning. It gets applied towards the cost of your trip if you book with us. If you don’t book with us, then we retain the fee and wish you a successful trip.


Why use MyTravelOp?

  • We’re EXPERIENCED – from both a traveling and a planning perspective; we’ve traveled extensively and we’ve put some pretty awesome trips together

  • We’re KNOWLEDGEABLE – we know the ins and outs of traveling; we know what to look out for; we do a lot of research about the destinations that we’ve not been to before

  • We’ve got CONTACTS – we have a vast travel supplier network, especially in our Virtuoso Network

  • We’re PASSIONATE – we want you, “the traveler”, to be knowledgeable and confident as you travel to wherever it is you want to go

  • We’re PEOPLE-FRIENDLY – you’ll love us


Click on the CONTACT US button below and send us a note. We’ll get back to you and start the ball rolling. It won’t cost you anything to see if we can help you and if you like us.


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