Preah Kahn - a photographic tour of the 12th century Angkor temple

Preah Khan is one of my favorite temples at Angkor. In my opinion, it's a must see during your visit. It was built in the late 12th century on the site of Jayavarman VII's victory over the invading Chams in 1191.

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The walk to the gopura (or outer wall entrance) at Preah Khan is beautiful in the early morning

The causeway leading to the gopura is similar to the south gate of Angkor Thom

The entrance to Preah Khan is quiet and serene in the early morning

This Apsara figure is partially hidden behind some plants at Preah Khan

The bas-reliefs at Preah Khan have much detail as this one that's located above a doorway

Inside the temple of Preah Khan in the early morning light

Much of Preah Khan is in ruins. This section shows what the interior looked like.

I love this section near the back of Preah Khan where the tree is intertwined with a part of the temple

Tree, temple ruin, Apsara figure, window requiring wooden support - this must be Preah Khan

This stupa was built several centuries after Preah Khan's construction in place of the original statue of Lokesvara

Inside the temple of Preah Khan in the early morning light

The original Buddha images have been removed and replaced with Hindu figures. Similar to other temples at Angkor, Preah Khan, originally built as a Buddhist temple, was later converted to a Hindu temple.

The phallic symbol is prevalent in many of Angkor's temples

It's amazing that the roofs/ceilings in some of these temples don't come tumbling down

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