Banteay Kdei - a photographic tour of the Angkor temple

Banteay Kdei, built in the late 12th to early 13th century, is another of my favorite Angkor temples. I love to walk through the temple in the early morning as the sunlight filters through the roof-less corridors. If I were still a kid, I would love to play hide-and-seek in the many rooms and hallways. It just seems to be ideal for something like that. Even the meaning (Citadel of Chambers) of Banteay Kdei seems to imply as much.

For similar temples, see our posts on Preah Khan and Ta Prohm.

The gopura (or outer wall entrance) to Banteay Kdei

The gopura for Banteay Kdei has four large stone faces - each faces a cardinal point

The entrance to Banteay Kdei

The morning sun filters through the trees hitting the east-facing entrance to Banteay Kdei

There are many corridors throughout Banteay Kdei

The low traffic of visitors and all the corridors makes Banteay Kdei a fascinating temple to walk through

The early morning sun makes for some great photo ops at Banteay Kdei

The corridors are long and move through many different rooms

I love how the tree and the temple look in the morning sun

Looking at the tall tree through one of the stone portals

Looking at Banteay Kdei from the back side

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