The jungle temple of Ta Prohm - a photographic tour

Ta Prohm, built in the 12th century as a Buddhist temple under Jayavarman VII, is one of my other favorites at Angkor Wat. I never tire of visiting and walking through this ancient museum. Clearly, the buildings that are entwined with the large sponge trees are the highlight. I love visiting either early in the morning or late in the day when the crowds are at a minimum and the temple comes alive as the sunlight filters through the surrounding forest of trees.

Approaching the entrance to Ta Prohm in the late afternoon

Approaching the crumbling entrance of Ta Prohm - aka the jungle temple

Buildings engulfed by large sponge trees is what Ta Prohm is known for. And the late afternoon is a great time to photograph this west facing building.

A closer look at this tree and temple ruin that are entwined together

The crowds thin out late in the day making a walk through Ta Prohm a quiet and memorable experience

John standing next to one of the temple ruins that's fully engulfed by one of the sponge trees

The late afternoon is an ideal time to walk through Ta Prohm when the crowds dwindle and the sunlight filters through the trees

A stone face peeks through a hole in the tree (just to the right of the door)

A close-up of the stone face peeking through the hole in the tree

The "Tomb Raider" section seems to come to life in the late afternoon sun

Many Buddhist-built temples were turned into Hindu temples by removing the Buddha symbols as seen in this photo

Another great photo op at Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm in the early morning light

The stegosaurus looking animal is one of the most talked about figures at Ta Prohm

Whether it's early morning or late afternoon (as shown here), this section of Ta Prohm is a great photo op

A solo traveler walks through Ta Prohm late in the day

Ta Prohm in the late afternoon sun

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