Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Destination Planning Guides

The guide book that provides travelers the information they need to plan their trip

Many travelers like to plan their own trips. I get it. I'm like that myself. They don't really want to hire someone to plan it for them. Either they know what they want or they just enjoy the planning process. At MyTravelOp, we try to provide a service for the traveler who wants someone to plan their trip and for the traveler who wants to plan it themselves.

If you're going to plan your own trip, you need to track down all of the pertinent information - what to do, where to do it, how to get from one location to the next, entry requirements and the list goes on and on. Most of the time, it's Googling one piece of information after another, in your spare time, and then scanning the article or webpage for the information you need. Our Destination Planning Guide attempts to simplify that process for you. We only include things that are pertinent to the planning process. We don't put the history of the country in the book and we don't describe each site you can see in a lot of detail.

Our guide books will include things like:

  • The activities you can do in the country - where to find them, what company provides them, key info such as operating hours, prices, etc.

  • The options for getting from one destination to the next (air, train, shuttle, car rental, bus, etc.) and how to get around your location (your own car, the local bus, a taxi, etc.) while you're there for a few days

  • Lodging and restaurant suggestions

  • Is renting a car a viable option? What are your choices? How does the car rental insurance process work?

  • Entry requirements for the country

  • If we think someone else has helpful information, we'll link to their webpage or blog

The information in the guide book is based on our own in-country travel experience and extensive research that we've conducted. The goal, of this book series, is to provide the information travelers need to plan a trip to a specific country OR link them to where they can obtain that information.

Our first guide will be the Destination Planning Guide for Costa Rica - coming soon. Stay tuned!