Travel Books

Hey there!!! In the very near future, we'll be rolling out two new book series that we believe you'll enjoy:
  • Our Destination Planning Guides will help you plan your trip, quicker and more easily, to specific countries
  • Our Crossing Borders series will help you become more knowledgeable about how to travel thus helping you to become more confident as you navigate the planet - maybe even on your own.
Destination Planning Guides
Need help planning that next trip you're thinking about? After all, travel planning is our bread and butter. Oh! You like doing the planning yourself? Well, at least, let us make it easier for you.
Our Destination Planning Guide books will provide the pertinent, detailed info that you're looking for when planning that next trip.  Our goal is to provide you the information you're looking for or link you to some pretty cool websites that have it. No more querying Google hundreds of times looking for the stuff you need.
Take a look at our Destination Planning Guides page for more info about our new book series.
Crossing Borders series
In 2013, we published our popular Crossing Borders ebook on the iBookstore. The 350-page book focuses on helping travelers learn about all those things that most travelers learn by trial and error or through word of mouth - such as staying healthy and safe while on the road, how to get the most out of using your cell phone abroad, what's travel insurance all about and do I even need it, and much, much more.
The information contained in this book will be updated over the coming months and will be broken down into smaller, more easily digested, eBooks. And the best thing of all is that each new ebook will be FREE. We will no longer charge for the purchase of this information. One of our goals at MyTravelOp is to help travelers become better-informed and more confident as they wander the planet.
Check out our Crossing Borders page for more info.