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Crossing Borders - Being Prepared for International Travel

NOW AVAILABLE on the Apple iBookstore for iPads – “Our initial book Crossing Borders – Being Prepared for International Travel is a must read 350 page book on how to become a more confident global traveler. This is an excellent, step by step, fun and easy to read book for those wanting to learn more about traveling internationally regardless what country you are traveling to.”                 John Opperman

Traveling to a foreign country can be a daunting and intimidating experience. It doesn’t have to be. It’s typical to hear the horror stories about getting scammed, someone compromising your personal information, finding a phone bill with a really large amount due upon arriving home. It’s normal to have a lot of questions when traveling abroad. How do I figure it all out? Will I be safe? Where do I find the information that I need?

Crossing Borders – Being Prepared for International Travel guides you through the travel planning process and prepares you for many of the situations you will come upon in a foreign country. It stimulates your thought process as you consider your travel decisions. It describes what it’s like to be in a foreign country, the requirements for crossing borders, how to develop a budget and stick to it, how to secure lodging that’s just right for you, the transportation options and how they work, health situations to consider, the ins and outs of travel insurance and how to easily obtain it.

Crossing Borders is a “must and easy to read” travel resource guide that helps you plan and prepare for a successful and enjoyable trip abroad by providing the tools to travel confidently wherever you are, navigate in a foreign currency world, stay in touch with family, friends and business associates at no cost to you the traveler, use the internet securely among many other topics. The author combines his own personal travel experiences with research from travel-related sites and books to bring you a complete guide to international travel. Crossing Borders prepares you to be a more confident global traveler.

Crossing Borders includes a number of the author’s personal travel stories (losing his passport at the Running of the Bulls, a harrowing ride to the airport in Xian, China, getting pick-pocketed in Budapest), trip planning checklists and timelines that simplify the pre-departure process, dozens of helpful hints for both the experienced and the inexperienced traveler, hundreds of links to informative travel webpages.

Drawing on almost 40 years of experience in the tourism industry, a number of successful trips to different parts of the world and diligent research from travel-related sources, Crossing Borders, my initial travel book, helps the global traveler easily plan and prepare for an international trip and provides relevant travel information at their fingertips. Use this book as a guide as you develop your own international travel plan.

Table of Contents – 19 chapters cover the following topics

  1. Destinations – what drives our decision?
  2. Planning the main details of your trip
  3. Preparing for your trip – the important tasks to complete before departure
  4. Budgeting – how to develop your budget and stay on track
  5. What to expect in a foreign country….
  6. Passports, visas and more
  7. Travel insurance – What is it? Do you need it?
  8. Booking your air ticket
  9. Lodging – finding the right place and booking your reservation
  10. Communicating – calling, texting and using the internet
  11. Navigating in a foreign currency world
  12. Transportation – how does it all work
  13. Food and beverage – a fun and enjoyable experience
  14. Health – important considerations
  15. Security – keeping you, belongings and internet use secure
  16. Packing – what you take can make all the difference
  17. Weather and Time – how to effectively use this information
  18. Photography – great photos can provide lasting memories
  19. Electrical requirements and keeping your devices charged