Monthly Archive: October 2014

The terraced hillsides of Pisac in the Sacred Valley of Peru

Touring the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru

There are many Inca ruin sites near Cusco and throughout the Sacred Valley. Here are the primary ones that I visited and the ones that I enjoyed the most. This region is home to the indigenous Quechua people who speak the Quechuan language – which in 1969 became Peru’s second...

Plaza de Armas in Cusco, Peru

Cusco – the ancient Inca capital

I dosed off shortly after the plane took off from the airport in Puerto Maldonado. It had been a fun-filled four days in the Amazon region’s rainforest and I was a little tired. It’s a short flight to Cusco so I know I didn’t sleep for long. As I awoke,...

Macaws eating clay on the riverbank walls in the Peruvian Amazoon

An unforgettable stay in the Amazon rainforest

The sharp crack of thunder woke me from what seemed like a dead sleep. As I opened my eyes, streaks of lightning came one after another – each one followed by a loud boom that seemed to be off in the distance. I glanced at my watch. It was 2:46...